about atxgive - About Us

Founded in 1999, ATX Giving has grown and prospered in a variety of economic environments throughout the years. Back in 1999, our founder Sherrie D. Williams was a mother general practitioner, doing small at-home business efforts to supplement the family income.

Sherrie has always been supportive of those giving their time and effort to help those in great need. Often, she worked for NGOs.

Once the children had grown, she found she had more time and wanted to find fulfilment in the time now available. She researched NGOs and saw a niche where she could find satisfaction in her work.

She began by working at fundraisers for other NGOs, earned her stripes as a reliable skilled performer, and made important contacts.

She leveraged this situation to open her own business organizing and arranging fundraisers. Her reputation grew quickly, and NGOs referred to her generously. Soon Sherrie needed to add staff while at the same time one particular NGO asked if she could also handle the infrastructure and services associated with her role.

She gladly accepted this opportunity to expand and add challenge to her new career. Hiring some of the best in this field, she handled this responsibility admirably. Soon her services in logistics and related services for events of all kinds were in demand among NGOs.

Positioning herself as a tax-advantaged proposition in 2006 by incorporating ATX Giving as an LLC added another advantage for her customers. This tax-leveraged position allowed her company to show higher returns and pay her staff better than most of her competition. Sherri was now hiring the best in their fields as a result.

We have done a lot in 20 years and so can you. Being one of the premier event planners for NGO fundraising is the result of hard work and dedication. We provide efficient services for your event needs. This is our story and we hope we can be of service to you.