6 Tips to Hire the Right Event Planner for your Next Fundraiser

Picking the right event planner to help you organize your next fundraiser can be the difference between success and disaster. ATX Giving provides you with a few pieces of advice to help you hire the perfect person for the job.

Attention to Detail is Paramount

There are all kinds of little details that need to be handled during the planning, organizing, and actual realizing of a fundraiser. If you find that the potential planner you have chosen keeps letting little things slip, it is a bad sign and you should look for someone else.

Being Knowledgeable is a Must

Just like you are well versed in your NGOs’ cause and everything it entails;the event organizers must know the ropes and the tricks of the trade.

Although an enthusiastic person might pull it off, an actual professional will save you time and resources because they already know what they need to do and how.

Check their Reputation

In the era of the Internet and social media, you can easily find out if someone has a good or bad reputation for whatever they do for a living. Make sure you ask around the net about other people’s experiences with them, avoid settling for things said on his pages or profiles because the planners can easily manipulate them.

Cover your Back

Since by now you have found someone you think might be right for your needs, the next step is signing a contract where both parties agree to what their responsibilities are. You need to ensure they understand exactly what it is you need from them and in what time frame, before you sign anything.


You are more than likely going to have to spend a lot of time with your planner trying to fine-tune the ideas and logistics involved in the fundraiser. Thus, you must show each other respect at all times, regardless of any difficulties or disagreements. Watch out for early signs of disrespect and discard this person if they display them.

Effective Communication Skills

Although it is reasonable to hit some obstacles along the road, a good planner typically has effective communication skills and is very good at keeping the flow of ideas going strong. This also includes answering your messages and calls within reasonable timing and always with the best of manners.

The advice we have provided is based on experiences, both good and bad. The latter can be quite catastrophic, which is why we highly recommend you keep everything we have mentioned in mind. Get your fundraiser started on the right foot and keep your NGO thriving.

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